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Addressing the IoT Challenges in Mobile Healthcare

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Sep 30, 2016 9:48:18 AM
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When Apple first launched the iPad in 2010, small and medium businesses were quick to adopt the use of tablets into their operations as a way to streamline their internal processes, increase automation and enhance the customer experience.

Now, as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, healthcare organizations are using the power of IoT to adopt more effective remote patient monitoring and home visit improvement. The recent trend of massive public health expenditure is creating the need for healthcare providers to increase operational efficiencies in terms of time, equipment, inventory, and patient management in order to organically reduce costs.

The United States’ aging population and prevalence of chronic disease is requiring healthcare providers to perform an increasing number of home visits, more effectively ensure continuous monitoring of patient health and provide physicians and individual caregivers with reliable patient data that can be easily accessed in mobile settings.

Additionally, a lack of government funding and difficulty with patient retention is forcing healthcare providers to become more innovative and impactful with how they treat their patients, providing the most convenient care possible.

However, the utilization of traditional mobile solutions presents a number of challenges. It is for that reason why tablets are becoming the device of choice for mobile healthcare providers:  

  • Connectivity: With PC solutions, healthcare providers must depend on the availability of Wi-Fi at the patient’s remote location. Assuming that a Wi-Fi connection is even accessible, the question of security becomes critical as many Wi-Fi networks do not meet the regulations for HIPAA compliance. Enabling tablets with secure, cellular connectivity eliminates these concerns.             
  • Convenience: Tablet devices act as a single‐point experience for the user. They do not require middleware or time‐intensive integrations for software services and management. You simply load the necessary application and go. Not to mention, tablets are much smaller, lighter and easier to transport when providers are often carrying additional medical equipment.
  • Control: Unique to the device, tablets can be restricted to a very narrow application area for the intended use of the device. This allows for careful and intentional provisioning of permissions for specific applications on the tablet.
  • Safety: With cellular connectivity comes the enablement of GPS tracking capabilities on tablets. This feature not only reduces the chances of theft, but also provides an element of protection for providers who may have to travel to dangerous or unfamiliar neighborhoods.

The good news for healthcare companies is that these four critical challenges are being addressed at a rapid pace. We are seeing the adoption of solutions that can connect via Wi-Fi or LTE, are easily transported, and offer full access to any data a healthcare practitioner needs to best serve the patient, all while protecting their information beyond prerequisite regulatory standards.

This is a very exciting time, as companies like KORE are working hand-in-hand with tablet manufacturers and the healthcare industry to tackle the challenge of providing the best care possible to patients—irrespective of location.

With over a decade of experience as a leading provider of IoT and M2M communications services, KORE has extensive knowledge of the Healthcare industry, enabling connected solutions ranging from cardiac monitoring devices, to pharmaceutical kiosk systems, to organ tracking and management services – just to name a few. To learn more, check out our KORE Newsletter: Healthcare in IoT and Tablet Computing.

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